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The Friction Live In Studio

Andy Davis at Submodern Audio has a radio show which harkens back to John Peel’s BBC series. He has bands come in and record live in the studio on his glorious analog equipment. We set up a camera so you could watch!


Today is my birthday! Let's celebrate with another 123 Astronaut song. This one is called "Stars." You can find the song on SoundCloud, but I've been making minimalist videos to go along with the new songs. Here's one that I put together with time lapse photos from the International Space Station. Thanks NASA! We think you're great!

This song features horns from our friends Jim Whaley, Patrick Pine, Bodie Pfost, and Matt West of Extraordinary Rendition Band

Music… in a video…

Sharing SoundCloud clips on social media isn't really cutting it. You've got to click and link and click again, ending up in 2 or 3 websites or apps. But we can put videos everywhere - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and of course, YouTube. And… if my memory of the 80's is correct, you can put music into videos! So here's a little something that I put together in my backyard during winter storm Grayson, here in Rhode Island. Find it in our Twitter and/or Facebook and share it with your people. -Jeff